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This blog aims at helping content marketers and new bloggers research and review products that can help increase visitor engagements. Here you will find the digital tools to build a website, build an email list, and grow your business. Communicate the main benefits of your product and publish effective lead magnets to achieve an attractive presentation that puts your product first.

Some of Our Favorite Digital Tools

*These are products I use, and affiliate links. I receive a commission for purchases made at no cost to you.

Wealthy Affiliate

Platform designed with beginners in mind. Equipped with video tutorials and two free websites. Build a network of friends to exchange ideas. Free & Premium plans available.


A software tool used to transform blog posts, podcasts, and videos into dynamic pdfs, ebooks, flipbooks, and more. Great to use as a lead magnet to build your email list!

Thrive Architect

Conversion-focused visual page builder for WordPress that includes hundreds of landing-page templates. Ideal for inexperienced coders that want to achieve a beautifully designed website.


Grammarly is an AI writing assistant to support a comprehensive and effective day-to-day communication. The free account will improve your everyday writing while the premium account adds innovative features unique to your goals. Add it to your mobile keyboard or Chrome Extension.


Create whiteboard, blackboard, green board, and glass board explainer videos. Use the drag & drop technology to draw any pre-built image in seconds or import images from your file. Doodly includes music and voiceover for a customized touch.


Create cartoon videos to entertain, teach, and convert your visitors. Use animated videos to hold your audience's attention and quickly get your message across. Drag & drop technology and voiceover capabilities make this fun to explore. Also, explainer videos are great for sharing.


An eCommerce platform made to build an online shopping business from scratch. Quickly start a dropshipping business without holding inventory. Market, sale, and manage everything from one platform.


Record your screen, edit your video, and share it from Screencast-o-Matic. Great for educators, businesses, and influencers. Affordable Deluxe plan starts at $36 for three years. Build your YouTube followers by making tutorial videos with Screencast.


A keyword research tool also included with Wealthy Affiliate. Build a keyword list, uncover niches, find low hanging fruit, see how well your site ranks, and more. Jaaxy is the most affordable SEO tool available. Excellent for beginners. 

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