Artificial Intelligence: What is Content Automation?

ai writingArtificial intelligence is everywhere. It’s in our phones, homes, cars, grocery stores; it’s everywhere. I honestly like the convenience of it, but sometimes I wonder how far it will go. I use Siri on my phone daily, and I use other apps like my maps app, this tells me how long it will take me to drive to my next destination before I even get in the car. This feature is great when I’m behind schedule, but what is content automation? Read this and see if you can guess who wrote it, human writer or AI writing software?

Is AI Taking Over the Writing Industry Next?

Does artificial intelligence article writing work? Any website owner who has researched how to increase their presence online understands that content is the key to gaining organic traffic. You have to know about search engine optimization (SEO) if you want to raise your search engine results pages (SERPs).

Among the simplest methods to raise your SEO is to provide articles, blogs, and stimulating content with rich keywords and engaging material. But who has the time to write articles every day/week? Those that have small businesses or those that have full-time jobs alongside their business, might find that allotting time towards writing a daily article, is not an option.

Due to the increased awareness of SEO content and the magnified entrance of new websites, artificial intelligence has crept into the keystrokes of journalism, editing, and full-scale article writing. What does this mean for the future writing industry?

What Does This Mean for the Industry?

The boom in artificial intelligence will likely apprehend stricter algorithms. Google and the other major search engines, already regulate their search engine results pages; therefore, expect that measures will be put in place to validate the originality of articles created for blog and advertising purposes. Similar to the CAPTCHAs which is attached to forms, it wouldn’t be surprising if platforms; such as, WordPress and other’s in the industry, begin validating the real writer from the ai writer.

ai writing on glassboard

There are no current regulations in place to restrict the use of artificial intelligence in writing your blogs or articles. Consequently, a freelance writer could increase their productivity with this technology and ultimately gain organic traffic by using artificial intelligence to target keywords while populating an article. However, there are risks to using this technique. The drawback is using too many keywords; which will trigger Google’s algorithm to un-index your content.

Are There Risks to Using Artificial Intelligence

The main problems that arise from using ai in blogs or articles are:

  1. Keyword density can be too saturated spawning the search engines red flag algorithm to mark your site as spam or as malicious.
  2.  The flow of the article might not be consistent with actual human speech patterns and grammar, making it hard to read.
  3. While the AI claims that your article is distinctive, there’s no guarantee that it’ll pass plagiarism or the duplication.

AI Writing- Who Wrote This?

Well, up until this point of the reading, I used artificial intelligence to write this article. What do you think? I’ve never used it before, but I wanted to answer some questions that I’ve been receiving about ai writing software. Using this ai writing software is my first experience with content automation.

In this article, I used an article written through Now that I’ve tried it, I can tell you what to expect.

Their website layout is relatively easy to navigate, and you can find the price list near the top. Centered near the top of their landing page is an interactive workspace, allowing you to enter a few keywords. It specifies to use 2-5 words.

ai writing for bloggers

The creative program lets you try it out from the home page, to get an idea, but you’ll need to select a plan or package to view it. Since I only wanted to try it for the sake of this article, I chose a package of ten pieces for $19. That is not a bad price to try it out and come up with conclusions based on my experience with the software.

AI Writing- Your First Article

When you create your first article, you’ll have an option to select, readability or uniqueness; as well as, how many words you’d like to be written (up to 500).

It will also prompt you to join Grammarly. I didn’t mind this notion either since I haven’t used Grammarly’s software. When I write, I usually use Microsoft Word or the writing features in my Wealthy Affiliate content builder. Nevertheless, I joined Grammarly’s free version and added the Chrome extension. It was a simple process.

If you purchase the package that I did, your article will be ready for you to purchase. It will ask you to buy this article, which was confusing to me at first because I thought it was asking me to make a duplicate purchase. I selected the buy button, and it deducted it from my credit balance of ten articles. Simple.

AI Writing- What Did I Expect

AI Writing Article.

My article was 452 words. After editing it and adding my headlines, it came to about 498 words. I chose uniqueness over readability, so I’m guessing that I had more editing to do, but the bulk of the article was there. I was pleasantly surprised with the outcome. I was able to edit it and have a start to this article within about 20 minutes.

AI Writing- Pros is a useful tool for anyone with multiple writing projects or someone working within a schedule. It does what it says it does, by creating an article in less than a minute.

  1. This tool is especially useful if you are experiencing writers blog or need something to get you going. I would compare it to brainstorming, but it offers a little more glue than that.
  2. Using this method is also good if you need to write copy for your product descriptions. The word length is perfect in that regards. You will still have some editing to do of course, but it will get you in the right direction.
  3. The price is reasonable. Software programs and freelancers can get pretty pricey. There are probably a lot of freelancers with high clientele, using this technique already.

AI Writing- Cons

The software is not useful for someone that is not good at editing and proofreading. Thus, the reason for the Grammarly opt-in.

  1. You are creating this without a vision. The only thing you are starting with, are a few keywords. The concept of the article is in the outcome, and you have to work around that.
  2. It’s not a create-and-publish type of thing. There is a lot of editing and proof-reading involved. You may want to keep your thesaurus on hand. (This is a writer must have anyway)
  3. You’ll have to check for plagiarism yourself. It says that the articles are unique, but I wouldn’t risk it. If you are editing and adding to it, then you should be fine. That’s another reason why I say it’s not a create-and-publish thing.

While my experience with this software is short, I am confident in the future of content automation. You can view‘s commercial on the right side of this article. If you’d like to read about other SEO and editing services, I’ve provided that here: What Internet Marketing Tools Are Useful.

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