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Two of the biggest stumbling blocks, removed.

1. Writing the content

2. Outsourcing a designer

Import content from your blog, Microsoft Word, Google Docs,  or any other content editor and convert it into a stunning eBook,  or pdf presentation. Now you can ...create an eBook in minutes!

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Import your content from places like YouTube, Facebook, WordPress, and Microsoft Word and more...

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You want to generate more leads from the traffic to your website or blog, and you want to offer a free gift to your readers. Create an ebook in minutes!

  • Ever notice how some websites have very powerful content to present to their subscribers. Just a few years ago, this would take days. If you've ever created an ebook in the prior to five years, then you know that this process could take weeks.
  • Everyday new technology makes it easier for aspiring entrepreneurs to leap hurdles and share their creative talent with others. Designrr works for you so you can work on other tasks that are just as important. 
  • Bloggers this is for you. Imagine if you could repurpose your old blogs and turn them into a series of lead magnets! Just import your url and Designrr will create a stunning eBook within minutes.
  • You're a small business owner and you and you know you could outsource your designing needs but the  solutions you've tried are out of your price range."

Why Are You Still Paying Expensive Designers When You Can Create Ridiculously Effective eBooks in Minutes!
Use this to...

Introducing Designrr... new technology that creates amazing eBooks and pdfs,  making it easy for you to import your content from any url to create highly effective designs that turbocharge conversions. Create an eBook in minutes!


Capture Leads

Increase your number of opt-ins by creating a giveaway ebook.


Improve  & Measure Your Email Click Through Rate

Measure the percentage of clicks that your email receives based on the number of people who open your email and download your ebook.


Increase Conversions

Building your subscriber lists leads to higher conversions. Build your list by offering an ebook as an optin.


Repurpose Your Content

Bring life back to your old content by creating stunning pdfs from importing your post urls.


Sell Your eBook

Sell your ebook on your website  to add monetary value to your content.


Save Time & Money

Create and publish your ebook in minutes. Don't outsource an ebook designer again. Get the lifetime license.


Promote Affiliate Products

Create a pdf presentation for all your affiliates to customize your email campaign.


Start a New Business

Use this technology to  build a business as a freelancer on Fiverr or Upwork.


Increase Brand Awareness

Add your well developed content to professionally designed themes and start building your brand awareness.

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As an entrepreneur, your time is probably stretched thin enough as it is. Do you really have weeks, months, YEARS, to devote to becoming an ebook publisher? Probably not. Worse still, every minute you spend honing your designing skills is time away from your primary job—running your business.

*You will be asked to enter your first name and email prior to being redirected to your $27 Special Offer Page.​​​​

Here's how it works.

Step 1: Import Content or Start from Scratch

Import your content from a url, MS Word, Google Docs, YouTube, Facebook and hit next.

making an ebook

choosing an ebook theme

Step 2: Choose a Template

Pick from hundred's of templates and color themes.  Choose one column pages or two column pages and hit next.

Step 3: Customize & Publish

Edit your content by adding more images from copyright free stock and customize it to your branding. Add another url to build up your pages.

Publish and choose to download, embed, convert to flipbook or save it for later.

Man writing ebook at the desk

Start exploring your niche. This demo shows you how simple this truly is. 


Import your content, select a template, change the cover image and generate PDF. 

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