How to Make an eBook Step by Step

Learn how to make an ebook step by step, and see the benefits of turning your blog post into a lead magnet. Many website owners underutilize the power of their content. In this article, we'll discuss the different benefits to creating an eBook, how you can use your WordPress blog post to capture leads, and the software I use to transition my blogs and re-purpose my content seamlessly.


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How to Make an eBook Step by Step


Many website owners underestimate the power of their content. This mistake probably addresses the newbie bloggers; nonetheless, it is a verifiable topic to cover. Perhaps, some writers are overwhelmed with the thought of posting to their website regularly, while at the same time, publishing an eBook at consistent intervals. But in this scenario, the benefits of publishing to both outlets far outweigh the paralysis of sticking to one over the other.

Regardless of your experience as a blogger, the rewarding factors are the same. Creating an eBook allows you the opportunity to re-purpose and monetize your content.

Benefits of Creating an eBook or PDF

1. Repurpose Your Content

The first benefit of creating an eBook or PDF is to repurpose your content. What does this mean? It means you have an opportunity to re-engage with your audience and improve your Google ranks.

Repurpose Your Content

If you are creating rich and valuable content for your readers, then creating an eBook or PDF from your current and past blogs allows you to share your content for other purposes. This data can be used to build credibility as an author, add backlinks to experience higher Google ranking.

Turning your archived blog post into a PDF or eBook keeps your content fresh and adding internal links between your posts and PDF’s is a great way to get indexed on Google. Everyone knows that Google indexes everything from images to videos and other files on your site, this includes PDF’s.

As a matter of fact, because PDF’s are easy for Google to read and understand, backlinking to PDF’s are great for rankings. Shaping your information into a downloadable form also makes the content more user-friendly for your readers.

2. Monetize Your Content

Another benefit of creating an eBook or PDF is monetizing your content. Whether you are an affiliate marketer or selling your own hobby or crafts, monetizing your website is always rewarding.

Ebooks are here and are more popular than ever. The mobility and convenience mean that anyone can grab-and-go with an easy read at their fingertips. They are being sold on almost every platform and the accessibility makes it an easy sell, especially once you upload it to Amazon’s Kindle Publishing.

Use Your WordPress Blog to Capture Leads

Many publishers use SEO to drive organic traffic to their websites. Building a highly responsive email list is the best way to grow your business and is the core of any successful strategy.

But how do you build your email list?

This is called ‘Content Upgrade’ and the genius behind this is using a downloadable eBook (lead magnet) that is directly related to the content.

What is the purpose of a lead capture? Well, ultimately, the purpose is to increase your conversion and optin rate. A lead capture lets you retarget your audience and keep your information relevant for your viewers.

How to Transition Your Blogs into eBooks

So you’ve heard the hype about creating eBooks and PDF’s but nobody ever talks about how difficult it is. You have format the pages so everything lines up right, and even if you use a template, you will have to delete some of the information from the blog, right?


writing a book

You don’t have to worry about rewriting your content or getting into the designing elements.

I use software that erases all the harsh elements of creating an amazing eBook. Seriously, this program will allow you to design and publish a professional eBook in 90 seconds. Let me tell you how this is possible with Designerr, technology.



This is an example of a flipbook pdf that I made with Designrr. Below is an illustration of a mockup. Mockups are accessible in Designrr.

mockup of pdf or ebook

Today, the special offer is $27. I am a premium member, therefore, I enjoy added features. Nonetheless, $27 is an affordable price for software of this magnitude.

Want to see how this can increase your conversions?

Learn more about how you can create stunning pdfs and eBooks for $27 Lifetime License. This is a Special Offer!

How to make an eBook step-by-step

How to Transition from a Blog to an eBook from Scratch


The obstacles have already been crossed in the design program I use. It is as easy as copying your url. The content is then, imported to a theme of your choice. The plugins, widgets, sidebars, and advertisements are removed from behind the scenes.

Now, you don't have to write an article from scratch, or rewrite an older post. Just import the content from the url or multiple urls.

Choose from Predesigned Templates


Since Designerr can take your content from your website, Microsoft Word, Apple Pages, Google Doc's and any other editor, it will convert it into a beautiful design with a stylish layout which is ready for publishing.

Adjust Your Style and Publish


And, since the content is converted for you, all you have to do is pick your color themes to fit your style. Images are already imported for you as well but you have an option to upload from your gallery or from their free stock images.

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