How to Prepare Your Animation Explainer Video

Everyone is on YouTube trying to make compelling explainer videos, but what does that mean? How can you make an explainer video effective? First, let us review how to prepare your animated explainer video by taking a closer look at some of the components an explainer video needs. One of the courses in my creative writing studies was screenwriting. I wasn’t interested in it at the time, but now I see that it can be used for more than writing plays or movies.

Let's evaluate some of the elements of writing a script so you can have a better understanding of a good explainer video. In this article, you'll learn:

  1. What it means to connect a problem with a persona.
  2. How to introduce your brand as the solution.
  3. Uncovering the real benefits for your persona
  4. Making a directive call to action

Prepare Your Animated Explainer Video with a Persona


What Does it Mean to Connect a Problem with a Persona

Don't jump right into your video. Best practices include writing your script first, and part of this is writing about a character or persona. Introducing a character to your animation is a good starting point. The character you create should represent your target audience. Who are you marketing to? Take time to write down the answers to these questions.

  • What does my character care about
  • Do you know what your character wants out of life?
  • How do others think or feel about your character?

You may also want to consider:

  • What your character looks like?
  • Or, what your character likes and dislikes.
  • And, how is your character different from everybody else?

After you know these things, you will be able to talk about a problem that your customers (character) are having. The best way marketers can introduce a problem is to tell a story about an issue that their character is having. Take a look at the example video below for Dance Lab.

Did you notice how the marketer started with a character that is experiencing a problem? That's why it is important to thoroughly know who your audience is. Writing about a persona will also help you emphasize with their needs.

In the video, Anna is unhappy with her experience at the gym- problem! Therefore, she doesn't stay committed. And, as a result, she doesn't get the outcome she is looking for. 

This video is such an excellent example of how storytelling about your customer's persona fits into the problem-solution format.


How to Introduce Your Brand as the Solution

This is your opportunity to introduce your brand, product, or service as the solution. This is not the time to be shy about what you are selling. In case you didn't notice, the example video above is just under two minutes. 

The chances of your short video being viewed to the end are slim. Therefore, you want to mention your brand more than once. If you announce your product name a couple of times, it will have a better chance of sitting in the mind of your prospect.

Once you introduce your product or service as a solution, clearly state what it does and why it will improve the problem they are having. This will lead directly to the benefits, which is step three.


Uncover the Benefits for Your Character's Persona While You Prepare Your Animation Explainer Video

Remember, you are still writing your script at this point because these steps are in preparation for your animated explainer video. Your prospects need to understand how they will benefit from your service. Recall that you've already uncovered what they care about and what they want out of life, right? (Hopefully, you didn't skip those questions).

Don't be modest. This is where you want to nail-it. Tell your viewers everything that makes your product so amazing. Recall that Anna wasted money for a gym membership that she didn't use because it was boring. Dance Lab is a fun way to exercise, but that really isn't the benefit, is it? 

The benefit is what Anna will enjoy as a result of joining Dance Lab. Again, as stated earlier, start with some questions about your character, so that you will know and understand your prospects. In this section of your scripting, don't talk about your features anymore. Instead, concentrate on why your character will love your service (benefits).


How to Make a Directive Call-to-action

A call-to-action (CTA) is a short instruction that tells people what to do next. It might say, for instance, click here, follow me, subscribe below, visit, or download now. Don't sound skeptical about your CTA. Be clear, concise, and direct.

How can a CTA sound skeptical? Here are some examples:

  • If you think you might be interested in learning more...
  • If you know someone that might be interested...

Get my drift? The more confident you are in your brand, the easier it will be to create your call-to-action.

Next Steps: Get Help to Prepare Your Animated Explainer Video

Scripting takes some practice, and it doesn't always come naturally to everyone. Some people prefer outsourcing a task like this to a freelancer. You can indeed find some affordable freelancer's on to get help with a script and voiceover. Fiverr is an online platform that connects people with freelancers of various services. The services are referred to as "Gigs." You can read honest customer reviews about a service. 

I've used Fiverr on several projects, but in the meantime, I like to learn about how to do the projects myself. Learning new techniques is what inspires me the most, and sharing these methods make it fulfilling. If you are a DIY'er like myself, but you don't have the scripting process down, then check into Automatic Script.

Automatic Script is a copywriting software. Copywriting is the main ingredient in crafting your sales message. With Automatic Script copywriting software, you can create copy for professional sales letters, social media ads, and landing pages within minutes.

Lastly, another tool I use is Toonly. Toonly is a drag and drop video software and is the same tool that was used to create the Dance Lab video posted early in this article. Toonly videos are as much fun to make, as they are to watch. Warning: I didn't have experience producing videos, and although this is easy, I had to watch the tutorials to get familiar. Nonetheless, it is easier than you may think.

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Key Takeaways

Hopefully, after reading this, you will have a better understanding of how to prepare an animated explainer video to market your brand. Start with a persona and tell a story around them. Next, connect the dots with a problem, solution, and benefits. Then give your audience a direct call-to-action.

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Follow my new Facebook Business page and drop me a message. Let me know what you'd like to learn more about. I give my honest opinion! 

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