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Many entrepreneurs are turning to online businesses to supplement or replace their income. In other words, the possibility to start an online business is achievable.

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So, imagine if you could access free training on your own time. What would that look like to you? Rather than paying for an online course that you're not sure is right for you, take advantage of the free plan offered at Wealthy Affiliate!

Easy to Use Feature Integration

The features are easy to use because they are integrated into the platform. This is great for brand new, aspiring entrepreneurs who are not familiar with all the technicalities of a digital experience.

How to Start an Online Business with Wealthy Affiliate


Free Websites

2-Free websites included with the starter plan $0/month.


Beginner Training Course Step-by-Step

The step-by-step tutorial combines video lessons with task modules to help you walk you through each step of your business. Included in the starter plan $0/month.


Earn While You Learn

Earn through their affiliate program while you learn the process of creating content and building a website. Included in the starter plan $0/month.


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"Seriously though, you cannot begin to imagine how valuable the training is that you have at your finger tips right now!"

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"I have started achieving my goals and what the future holds for me only depends on how bad I want it."

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"The commissions keep growing although I was away for 10 days! I enjoyed myself with my parents and friends."

Avoid Rookie Mistakes

Succeed in business with an active community of entrepreneurs at all levels and from all backgrounds. Find your niche and communicate with people across different countries and cultures.

Meet Melissa

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When I first began my journey, I was a lot like you. Landing on different pages and reading several articles along the way. I've done different MLM businesses and also had my fun with Avon, Younique, and Melaleuca products. It was fun, but not my cup of tea!

Joining this program has truly set me on a different path. I'm realizing new goals everyday! I'm a philanthropist at heart with an entrepreneurial spirit and I'm happy to share my knowledge with other aspiring prentrepreneur's like you!