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Working in ManufacturingAre you sick and tired of working 9-5? You’re not alone. Manufacturing jobs were the heartbeat of America for decades. Today the workforce is rapidly changing. New technology brings in more robots to replace our jobs while the next generation is making millions of dollars online.

Where do you fit? The online world is a big industry. Are you looking for a way to monetize your knowledge? After all, you have a wealth of experience, which makes you an expert in almost any field.

You are an Expert

You are an expert whether you believe me or not. You might not view yourself as an expert, but I’m going to show you how you can monetize on your knowledge. Let me throw some examples out:

Expert Secrets

  • Are you a mother- you probably know a lot about what it takes to go through pregnancy, labor, and delivery, or raising children. And there are a lot of things to talk about within that niche.
  • Are you a father- are you a working father, or husband. I’m sure you have things that only you would know coming from your perspective that would be valuable to a new father or to another young man that is teetering the big proposal.
  • Are you a parent, taking care of a parent- there is so much value here. There are emotional ups and downs that many people experience and need your guidance.
  • Are you a college student- whether you are a traditional college student or a non-traditional student, the experience is challenging. Again, what you have is something that people are searching.

All I want you to do is open your mind for the endless possibilities and also, start giving yourself more credit. Start viewing yourself as someone with a world of knowledge that others want to explore.

I want to teach you how you can use your knowledge to build an online digital course but first, let me discuss a few reasons why people might fail at this journey.

Top 4 Reasons Why Most Courses Fail

  1. Treating your course as a hobby
  2. Trying to run before you walk
  3. Trying to charge for everything up front
  4. Focusing on the wrong things

1. Treating your Course as a Hobby

I made this mistake. Early in my career, I treated my side hustle as a side hustle. Treating an additional stream of income as a side hustle was my first mistake, and I want you to avoid making this same mistake. The reason I managed it as a side hustle is that I was always taught to have a secure “real job” and earn a little extra money on the side.

This way of thinking may have been great before the internet, but this philosophy doesn’t work today. Today, your side hustle has unlimited potential to make money over and beyond what previously thought. The barriers to reaching new customers don’t exist anymore, making this old way of thinking, merely outdated.

2. Trying to Run before you Walk

Have you ever seen a baby take off running before they could even balance themselves on their knees? It’s just part of the process. If you were born after the internet craze, then you might fall victim to this thinking. One massive difference between this generation and Pre-Google generation is having the patience to appreciate the process.

Try reading this article about the different characteristics of generation X and millennial’s. Why Millenials do it Better. I try to find the balance between the two generations because the truth is, we can learn from each other.

3. Trying to Charge for Everything Upfront

Don’t put all your content out there and charge the full value upfront. I know you might not agree with this, but people want to get a sample of what they will be buying. How many times have you bought into the famous “14-day free trial“. Another method is by allowing your digital content to be broken down into phases or parts. People like having options when they are ready to make a purchasing decision.

4. Focusing on the Wrong Things

Don't do it adviceAlmost everyone makes this mistake. If you feel like you have to be perfect with everything before you get started, you will most likely fail. And I’m frank right here. If you are trying to perfect everything, I will take a wild guess that you are over age 30.

I’m not saying that as a bad thing (you are in my age group) but we have specific characteristics that tend to hold us back. If you haven’t already, check out this article. It is so vital that you identify your attributes so that you do not hold yourself back.

Some things you should focus on are:

  1. How to choose a winning course topic every time
  2. How to drive unlimited passionate buyers to your course
  3. How to scale your course profitably and predictably

Selecting a Winning Topic Every Time

newspaper topics

Let’s talk about choosing your course topic and naming it. Evergreen niches are a great place to start. For example; wealth, health, and relationships are always famous. But you need to learn how to niche down from here. Narrowing your niche is KEY!

The course that I am going to share with you will walk you through these steps. It is so valuable to learn techniques that will have a direct impact on your conversions, starting with the right topic.

Naming your Course is not that Difficult

Look at some of these examples of names. Notice how easy it is, and it takes the guesswork out of wondering what the topic is.

  • Digital Course Secrets
  • Profit Engine
  • Writing to Wealth
  • Fat Disclaimer Blueprint
  • Zero to Launch

Bonus Tip: Create a course that is an easy-to-remember acronym.

Why is Digital Course Content Profitable

The job market is changing. Almost 40% of the American workforce are doing freelance work because the internet has broken down demographic barriers. Technology has opened the door to potential customers worldwide. Every person in the world has a business inside of them based on their experiences.

If you feel like you do not qualify as an expert (I talked about this thinking earlier), here are some ways to get around this.

Simple ideas:

    1. Interview experts and turn it into steps to success information product.
    2. Curate public domain content, make it better and republish because they are in the public domain.
      • How to meditate
      • Fitness
      • How to paint
      • How to garden
      • Fitness and weight loss

The possibilities are endless. This course will uncover so many content topics to help get your ideas churning.

Misconceptions About Digital Courses

There are a lot of misinterpretations about creating digital courses. One of the most significant errors is thinking that you need a college degree or fancy credentials to identify as an expert. Another one is that you have to be a technological genius to create content. The truth is, you don’t have to know anything about building a website, online store, or an eBook. You have to be able to learn from someone who has already done it and then use that same technique to share your skills with others.

Some people fall into the impostor syndrome: people get nervous that they will become uncovered or recognized as a fraud. Just keep in mind that you only need to be a few steps ahead of someone else, to be able to help them move forward. learn and earn

Two Choices: The Hard Way or the Easy Way

The hard way is to repeat what you’ve already been doing but expecting different results (actually, that’s called insanity) and the easy way is to mimic the success stories.

Create a family you can trust and grow together with or join Facebook groups who share the same interest as you. Find current opportunities, and most of all, learn from the right people. Listen to mentors; such as Gary V, so you don’t have to make their same mistakes. There are so many podcasts that have inspiring, motivating messages for new entrepreneurs like yourself.

Do you want to know why people get depressed as an employee? The number one reason why people get depressed working at their jobs is that they get tired of doing the same thing day after day. This is fine for some people because it brings security and comfort from being within their comfort zone.

Bonus Tip: Focus on creating value!


Do you have what it takes?


In the beginning, you might feel a little lost, trying to make a course on your own, but you don’t have to be on your own. Some people are very confident in themselves and won’t see the value of having a mentor or understanding the difference between an existing, opportunity, or new opportunity. While others might know how to launch a digital course, but may not know how to scale their business.

I’d rather not see you wast a ton of money, and even more importantly, a ton of time. My advice is to use the mistakes or failures of other entrepreneurs to catapult your online success!

Learn from mentor’s experiences so that you don’t have to repeat the same mistakes. Their strategies are actionable so you can utilize them right away to immediately grasp the power of digital courses and skip the headache of shortcomings.

Kevin David has a phenomenal webinar that covers success stories, how to’s, pitfalls, and insights in his Digital Course Secrets. He is a veteran entrepreneur at various businesses, and now he devotes much of his time teaching others how to become profitable in their niche.

Check out this screenshot of his five-year journey from the corporate world to his success as an entrepreneur.

Kevin David Digital Course Secrets

“When you focus on creating value, you will make more money than you ever have before.”- Kevin David

Once you start making enough money to cover all of your basics, the funds will begin to matter less and less. Believe it or not, you will begin to focus on other things. This will happen in stages.

Stage 1: make enough money that will allow you to quit your day job and fulfill your basic needs.

Stage 2: find what makes you happy and fulfills your life. You’ll probably find that bringing value to others is very satisfying. This is how you can make an impact on other peoples lives.

Old Model vs. New Model

Old Model

The former model of making money is by exchanging your time for income directly. Take a look at your most recent pay stub. Somewhere it will say, that it is for a period ending…, this is proof of the direct exchange of your hour for a set amount. Theoretically, putting money away into a retirement account and receiving it after you turn age 65 was the ideal way to spend your retirement years.

New Model

Often, promotions at work are given to people who don’t deserve it or who don’t even do as much work as you. With the new model of working for yourself, your hard work directly impacts your income potential. The changing workforce makes it possible to create an equitable business.


A simple solution is to start an online course selling your knowledge to thousands. This satisfies long-term growth and personal growth as an influencer. An automated online course is the most passive business in the world!

What would your life look like if you made an incredible digital course and you never had to worry about getting sales because you’d know how to scale your business imagine yourself one year from today.


How would your life change if you started making an extra $5K a month in as little as two months? There are many avenues to success. Everyone has their definition of what a successful business looks like, but there is a proven blueprint that many of Kevin’s students are using.

Take a look at this free webinar to explore more industry secrets about:

  1. Choosing your niche
  2. Building your culture
  3. Validating your course idea with real-world data
  4. Organizing, pricing and outlining your course
  5. Course infrastructure
  6. Marketing mastery for a flawless launch

Learn techniques and get bonus material to make your communication efforts seamless. One semester in college will easily cost $20K if you live off campus. It will cost even more to live on campus. You will be amazed at what this course is valued.

The best way to try anything is by trying it for free. Click here to find a 14-day free opportunity. Do the work, and if you can’t make it work, get your money back!

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