The Entrepreneurs Checklist for Selling in 2019

Thinking of launching your own business this year? Not quite sure where to start? Here you will find an entrepreneur’s checklist for selling in 2019. Get the steps, tips, and resources to get your business up and running in no time.

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How to Choose a Domain

Choosing a domain name is an essential part of your business and in many ways can influence the success of your business. Your business might be in the developmental stages right now but may evolve over the years to more products or services. For this reason, you should choose something that is simple and flexible. Think about how it will look on labels and packaging. Also, a short and simple domain name that identifies your business is the best tactic here.

Just remember, you want to leave a memorable impression from the very start. That includes seeing, saying and hearing your brand. Think about how this makes you feel and what emotions it invokes? Ask yourself these questions before securing a domain name.

How to Add Products to your Website

Adding products to your website? You’ll want to build compelling product pages that excite your readers about the products you offer. Tell a story to raise emotions and touch on feelings.

For example, should you sell a mattress; or, should you sell a good nights sleep. Do you see the difference? Your product page should exploit the benefits your products bring, rather than, the product itself. Don’t get too caught up in listing all the bells and whistles.scrolling through an ecommerce site

Another important point of building a great product page are images! Only use quality photos of your products. The main picture should have a clean, white background while the supplemental photos should show your product being used. This is a typical layout for most of the top e-commerce websites.

Look at Amazon for example; the main image is on a white background. This is attractive and clean, without distractions or clutter but remember, this is only for the main image.

How to Write Product Descriptions

Write compelling stories about your merchandise. Provide appealing descriptions that inspire and motivate your shoppers. Use proper title tags to increase your search results on Google to draw in shoppers. This is where your SEO comes into play.

In case, you aren’t aware of SEO, it stands for search engine optimization. It’s how you utilize keywords or phrases in your titles and descriptions. The better your SEO, the more likely your products will be found in search engines. Learn more about keywords here.

If you don’t feel comfortable writing copy yourself, you can always hire a freelance copywriter. You can read more about retaining the services of freelancers here. This is also a great way to hire a graphic designer if you need a logo as well. Once you have your images and descriptions, your product detail page is ready.

You’re ready to set up and organize your store page. Shoppers will likely look for information about you before they make a purchasing decision. Most of this is basic information, like a page that talks about you or your business, as well as contact information. An important piece of information will pertain to tax and shipping charges.

Taxes can be complicated but many website platforms have automated these calculations for you. Still, it is important for you to become aware of tax obligations for the state in which you live. Each state has different responsibilities.

How to Develop Your Brand

open laptop with the words brand on it.

Branding is basically the story behind your business. This includes your vision and values. Don’t make the mistake of narrowing your brand to just a logo or a name. Branding is the combination of all the elements you put into your business.

Your brand’s story page is a great way to reinforce your vision. This is your opportunity to be creative and capture your shopper’s trust. A useful tool that many entrepreneurs are using today are videos to share their stories.

Ready to Get Started? Get Guidance Here.

These tips literally lay atop the iceberg. Once you get the ball rolling, the rest is up to you. Keys are discipline and consistency. If you're ready to get started, Weebly has all the tools to get you started. It's a powerful platform that gives everyone an opportunity and freedom to create high-quality websites. You don't need to be a developer to transfer these websites work seamlessly across different devices, Weebly does the work for you.

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These steps to launching your very own online store are part of an amazing experience and life-changing opportunity. If you are indecisively on the fence of launching your store or, just not sure where to begin, well you've already started by doing your research and entertaining your vision for your future.

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