What Internet Marketing Tools are Useful? How to Search for Keywords?

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At some point or another, everyone aspiring to find their success as an online entrepreneur will begin asking themselves these questions. Online marketing tools help drive traffic to your business. The most popular way to drive traffic to your business is by using keywords to rank your website on search engines; such as Google and Bing. It helps if you know what internet marketing tools are useful and how to search for keywords.

What are Keywords?

Keywords are the most commonly used words being searched on Google. [Google is one of the largest search engine platform, so I use them as an example.] A keyword does not have to be one word. It can consist of multiple words or phrases; however, once you get into phrases, they are commonly called “long-tail keywords”.

Here are a few examples, notice how many ways someone might search for a particular t-shirt:

    1. tee shirt, t-shirt, t shirt
    2. short sleeve tee shirt
    3. women’s short sleeve t shirt
    4. shop women’s short sleeve t-shirt for nurses
    5. find women’s inspirational short sleeve white nurse tee shirts

Notice how the keywords got longer as you move down the list. This is a example of keywords/ phrases and long-tail keywords.

If your completely new to having or starting an online business, you’ll need to become familiar with keywords and writing copy, to become a successful entrepreneur. A good copywriter will use these words and/or phrases together, to create copy that converts to sales.

What is SEO Marketing Service?

Earlier we talked about keywords. The goal is to drive natural, organic results to your website (your business). This process is called search engine optimization, often abbreviated to SEO. The concept of using keywords sounds easier than it is. Let’s go back to our example of tee shirt keywords. Which would you choose to put in your description that would result in your page being on the first page of Google? Which word or phrase has the most traffic with the least competition?

Keep these fundamental questions in mind when targeting your audience for your niche. Now, look at the image below.

Google search bar

According to this screenshot, there are about 825,000,000 results for the keyword tee shirts. The ultimate question is “how do you get that first spot on Google out of 825 million other results?”

One way, is to use the results page, like the one above, as a filter to narrow down your search results. When you start typing in “tee shirts,” you’ll get a little snippet of what other people are searching. Take a look at the next picture.

Low-hanging keywords on a google search bar

Try clicking on one of the keywords from the dropdown box, and see how many search results pop up. This is the most inexpensive way to narrow down your niche and competitively rank on google…but it is also very time consuming. Nonetheless, it’s a great way to become acquainted with SEO and gain knowledge of the process.

Is There a Keyword Ranking Tool?

When your just starting your business, the key is to keep cost down while pushing sales or content up. No matter what niche your in or how big you are, the basic rule of thumb is to drive cost down. This is taught in all your basic business courses. It’s up to you to decide the qualifying factors of any expense.

There are several keyword ranking tools out there but they usually come as a subscription, monthly or annually. Most of them have free trials or offer a certain number of searches for free. I recommend looking into the terms of some of these sites first to make sure you can cancel at anytime if your unsatisfied.

When I started my home businesses, I kept my cost as low as possible because these expenses were coming from my personal income, rather than business income. I funneled all my business earnings into a savings account until I was able to start covering business expenses without interfering with income from my job. [By the way- I worked full time while building my business. You can read more about me here.]

Furthermore, having an expense that actually pays for itself is a good thing; therefore, let’s take a look at this short list of different online marketing tools.

5 Picks for Keyword Ranking Tool 

  1. BrightLocal.com– 14 day free trial. Monthly and annual plans.
  2. LinkFool.com– Price based on packages.
  3. editorr.com– Pay as you go. (writing editor)
  4. znetseo.com– monthly plans.
  5. Jaaxy.com– 30 free searches. Monthly and annual plans.

These are all sites that help with ranking your website blogs or business. Although there are some similarities between these companies, the each have unique features. Editorr.com for instance helps with writing aspects of your copy, while Jaaxy.com helps you to search and find keywords to help you rank in Google search results. Similarly to the ones mentioned in this list is Articoolo. I didn’t mention for the sake of shortening the list; however, they are comparable to the others. Articoolo.com  has a software that builds content around the words you choose. I don’t have personal experience with them but they help you create unique articles about any topic for less than $1.

The only one of these services I have experience with is Jaaxy. As a matter of fact, I use it regularly because it is useful and less expensive than some of the other ones. I’ve never used an editor assisting service but am inclined to try it one day. I think it would be useful for someone that does not have a lot of time or is multitasking many activities. It might also be helpful for someone only needs to write descriptions for an ecommerce business.

Start Ranking in Google Today!

Raise the bar and raise your conversions by 2X, 3X, 4X, or more. Take advantage of a free trial mentioned above or try Jaaxy out right here:





  • Hi, I’m really new in affiliate marketing and I’m still building my site, it’s been really difficult but I know it’s a step by step event. Thanks for this article at least I’m aware I need some marketing tool to use. I believe if I apply these tools the site will be of a good standard.

    • Hi Destiny, when you first start your journey as an affiliate, it is easy to lose site because there is a lot involved. I encourage you to stay focused and consistent with your activities. If you only having a couple hours per day to dedicate, then try to stay focused for those few hours. Marketing tools help, but they are not the “make it/ or break it” of your business. 

      ~All the best

  • In the five keyword tools listed here, my heart goes to Jaaxy. The reason is obvious, they offer a better deal and they prove to be not money hound (unlike its counterparts). When you’re just starting out in online business, there are times that you are away from your business and not able to work in your business, but time moves on. If you opt for a free trial like a 14 or 30 day trial, you will find that after being away from several days, you are running out of time to maximize the use of the tool as the day of billing approaches. So, that’s the bad side of free trial with a specific deadline. But with Jaaxy, it’s based on the usage, like the first 30 searches are free.

    • Hi Gomer. I totally agree with the points you mentioned here. That is one reason why I also stick with Jaaxy. I’ve tried free trials in other areas before but I have a hard time keeping up with the dates and end up paying something ridiculous. Thanks for your insights.

      ~All the best

  • Dear Eliza (I like the name),

    Being a full-time Internet Marketer your post means a lot to me and gave me helpful insights.

    At the moment I am focusing on organic traffic, so keyword research plays a major role in my online business to drive organic traffic. I have 165+ posts on my site and I am not focusing on paid traffic.

    I am using Jaaxy for 2+ years and all my posts are created with the help of Jaaxy. Many of my posts are ranking in the first page of Google. For me Jaaxy is more than a keyword research tool, it has numerous features and benefits. Based on my experience its one of the very best keyword research tool I came across online.

    Much Success!


    • Hi Paul. Thanks for your comments. I’m glad you have a good experience with Jaaxy as well. I think it’s a great keyword tool and has helped me also.

      ~All the best

  • Thank you for clarifying all of this information.  I have been considering learning more about SEO to get another good business skill under my belt.  Is this all there really is to SEO?  If it is, do you have other resources for it?

    I will definitely give Jaxxy a try while learning about Search Engine Optimization.

    • Hi Colby. These tips are the basics to SEO but getting familiar with it and improving it, is a process. To be honest, there is another method that I used in the very beginning–Google Trends. You might want to check that out too. It is also helpful if you are targeting by location.

      ~All the best

  • Internet Marketing would be useless without tools to help you along and make the work easier and sometimes faster. I had been making the mistake of trying to build an online presence with the most basic tools, without taking into consideration that there are programs tailored to my needs. It will be impossible to even rank on the first page of google without trying to work with these tools. Its relieving to see a lot of tools that can even be combined to produce even better results. Thanks for sharing.

    • Hi Vapz. Marketing tools to help you complete your keyword research is very helpful, but when your just beginning, your goal might be to keep cost down. If you have the time to do your own organic research then software tools aren’t necessarily a “must have”, however; I can’t express how much of a time saver it is. This frees up time to work on other essential tasks.

      ~All the best

  • The use of keyword research tools makes the job of finding keywords phrase easier. The knowledge of keywords would help anyone into online business be it as a seo expert, blogger, and even affiliate marketers. There are many keyword research tools online; some are free and some paid. From the 5 keyword ranking tools contained in the post, I have used only Jaaxy. Jaaxy makes finding keywords simple even for beginners. Jaaxy is user-friendly and very customizable. With Jaaxy, you can find out the keywords your competitors are using to rank higher than you. 

    • Hi Tolu. I have been very happy with Jaaxy, and it really is more than just a keyword true. It is very user-friendly.

      ~All the best

  • Hey there! Thanks for taking the time to put this guide together. You’ve given me some valuable resources that I can use to build my business online. I find Articoolo pretty interesting but I’m wondering if the content is really unique? Does it work like word spinners? Also I don’t think that 500 word articles will get anyone’s site ranked maybe unless its a local business with very little competition. Can you get articles written for more than 500 words?

    • Hi Marlinda. I find Articoolo interesting as well. I am a bit reluctant to try it (for personal reasons) but would like to write a review on it. So I will purchase one of the package deals and use it as an example for my article. Check back this weekend. I’ll include a coupon code for it as well. 

      As far as the number of words (500) it would really depend on what you are writing and how many external links vs. internal links you have in your post. But I do agree that 500 words is a short post, because a typical post for me is always more than 1K words. 

  • I agree, Eliza.  It’s a very good idea to have some great tools working for you.

    I use Jaxxy as well and I find that the version that comes with the WA Premium membership is pretty awesome.  It provides a lot of information when researching keywords.  One day I hope to be able to afford one of the upgrades.

    I was checking out some of the other tools you listed and was wondering if the pricing for “LinkFool” was a yearly fee or a one time purchase.  It’s not really stated in the pricing.

    Editorr seems a little pricy.  If I understand the format properly… for every 45,000 words you check through Editorr it will cost $999.  If one was creating 3-4 posts a week of a thousand words or more they could burn through some serious dollars rather quickly.  

    I’m not trying to be negative but I think there other ways to edit material that are way cheaper (Hemingway .com comes to mind).

    That said, I think it’s still good to have this info so people can make an educated decision and find the right tools to help them be better online entrepreneurs.

    All the best,


    • Hi Wayne. Linkfool does not specify if it is a one-time fee or subscription. Some of these software options are geared towards different business. If you are just starting, I’d always suggest choosing the least expensive that delivers the value you are looking for. 

      The price packages for editorr range from $19- $999. That is a pay-as-you-go deal. If I were to choose them, I’d use their services wisely. For example: maybe you write 3-4 a week as you suggested, I would only submit the ones that were not producing the traffic or results I was looking for. In other words, I would only submit articles that needed improvement or updated.

      It all sums up to what type of business you are running and how knowledgable you are in your respective niche.

      ~All the best


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