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If you want to promote your eCommerce business on Facebook, you will want to learn what is a Facebook tracking pixel. On this page, you will discover:

I love supporting entrepreneurs in any business. Although Facebook ads are great for all activities, I’m going to talk about the Drop Shipping business. Dropshipping is a business that I am passionate about, not only because I have some experience here, but because it is so easy to get up and running on your own. You can use any e-commerce platform, but since my experience is with Shopify, I’m going to be specific to them.

If you haven’t already secured a domain, use this link to receive a 14-day free trial with Shopify. The tutorials provided below are associated with the Shopify eCommerce platform.

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In this article, you will learn:

What is Drop Shipping

  1. Why Facebook is excellent for Drop Shippers or E-commerce entrepreneurs
  2. How to Drive Traffic and Increase Sales with Facebook ads
  3. What is Facebook Tracking Pixel and how to install it on your Drop Shipping Store

Although it is an industry-standard, it is not easy to create an ad on Facebook. I learned a lot through building my very own online Shopify store, and I’m here to help you jump the hurdles that had me stumped. One of these hurdles were setting up and creating my own Facebook advertisement.

What is Drop Shipping?

In case you are searching for information on what is drop shipping, I’ll give you a brief overview before we jump into the Facebook ads. Drop Shipping is one of the easiest ways to start a business. It might sound redundant, but I know first hand how simple it is.
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Opening a store becomes expensive when you have to purchase inventory and pay for storage space. Dropshipping eliminates this extra hassle by eliminating the need to hold stock. Instead, your supplier will ship your product directly to the customer.

Q) How does this work?

A) When the customer places an order on your store, you will place the order with your supplier; then, they will package and ship directly to your customer…it’s that simple!

Q) But how does this create revenue for you?

A) Your cost to the supplier is less than the price you charge on your store. Be sure your mark-up is within the price range of your market demand.

It also opens your market to the world. Not just your local neighborhood. But the biggest challenge with this model is, “how can you get traffic to your store without a physical address?”


FB marketing is now the industry standard for marketing your business and getting it directly in front of past customers or new prospects. Before Social Media existed, companies paid big bucks to run their ads on television, radio, and other media platforms. So today, social media is the best source for marketing your business.

  • It is relatively inexpensive
  • Easy to narrowly target your audience
  • Great way to collect the buying behavior of your audience

Now, the Facebook ad’s come into play. Once you become familiar with this system, you will be driving traffic to your store in no time. But still, it’s easier said than done.

How to Drive Traffic and Increase Sales with Facebook Ads

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You need to realize the potential behind using Facebook ads. Let’s quickly take a look at some numbers. Facebook and its subsidiaries have more than two billion active users per month. Let that sit in for just a moment.

You need to realize the potential behind using Facebook ads. Let’s quickly take a look at some numbers. Facebook and its subsidiaries have more than two billion active users per month. Let that sit in for just a moment.

Two billion ACTIVE users. So, even if you’re not using Facebook (and some don’t), there are still two billion active users. In addition to this being such a popular platform, the analytics behind the scenes will allow you to target your audience correctly. For example, instead of trying to sell a cat collar to your neighborhood, you could sell to people who only own cats or have recently been searching for cat collars.

Another great thing about marketing on Facebook is that, even though you may not have a large following on the big social media platform, your ads can still get in front of your potential audience. Understand the significant WOW factor! Think about this; you can get your ad directly in front of someone with the most desirable behavior to purchase from your store.

I highly suggest you think about your niche. For this post, I’m just going to assume you at least have your store and product. If you’d like me to tell you how to find products for your store, leave a comment. I’ll gladly move it up on my list.

Keep in mind that working with Facebook ads is a learned skill that takes time, patience, and practice. To be successful with this, you’ll need to:

  • Know your goal (what do you want to accomplish. If you are starting, then your goal is to make your first sale.)
  • Demographics (who are you trying to get in front of?)
  • Creative (your message, image, or descriptions to your demographics.)
  • Optimize (making adjustments to get the most from your store.)

What is a Facebook Tracking Pixel

Now let’s talk about what is a Facebook tracking pixel. It’s easier to explain this in steps. So, if you have your store, products and Facebook Business page, here are your next steps.

What is Facebook Pixel?

The pixel is like your analytics tracker. Imagine a robot whose job it is to report every time someone visits your website, which pages or products they click, and whether or not they made a purchase. But the robot (pixel) does more than track this information; it learns the behaviors of the people visiting your store.

The video below will give you an introduction to Facebook Pixels.


Install your Facebook Pixel

Installing your Facebook Pixel to your Shopify store is easy, but first, be sure to have a Facebook Business Page. Once you have your business page set up, you can copy and paste your pixel to your store. The video below will walk you through these steps.


Now that you are all set up with your Facebook Pixel, you’re ready to move on with your first Ad campaign. Sign up for a free trial period with Shopify to gain valuable insights and view video tutorials to start your dropshipping business, and learn more tips about Facebook ads.

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