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I’m just sitting here wondering how many of you out there, (from my generation X), are wondering how so many people are making money from home. Yes, specifically generation X. I only say this because we are now at the crossroads with millennials. This is not a bad thing–it’s just a change in the direction of how we do things.

But…before I get into the many ways to make money from home, let me point out the differences between generation X and today’s millennials so you can understand why they are making money from home while you are only thinking about doing it. Then, if you’re curious about work from home opportunities, you can identify your characteristics and go from there.

Characteristics of Generation X

I remember the first time someone from the generation before me, addressed me as a “gen X” child. I wasn’t sure how I felt about that but I knew it wasn’t a compliment when he said it; however, it was still the truth. It just so happened, that I called him by his first name instead of Mr. So-or-so. Guess that made me guilty, right?

Now, for the record, I was in my early twenty’s working as a telemarketer for a national satellite company. We read from a script. Even our rebuttals were scripted. It just so happened that our customer service PR wanted to change our greeting to include just the customer’s first name, to give them a “more personal experience”- with that said, this particular customer was appalled and thought I was being disrespectful.

Sound familiar? Because now, we do the same thing to millennials.

Our generation lowered the standard in interpersonal communications but, was it our faults? We were groomed by employers, commercials, and the onset of new technology. But we were more like an experimental generation. We learned not to trust anything or anyone.

We stopped trusting in companies and whole industries, like pharmaceutical, insurance, banks, real estate, lawyers, doctors… we stopped trusting in everything because we were most likely to be scammed out of something. It seemed there was always a hidden agenda behind someone’s motives.

If this still sounds familiar, then keep reading…

Characteristics of Millennials

work from home characteristics of millennial notepadWhile the introduction of new technology has restrained us (gen x), it has unchecked the actions of millennials, leaping them flamboyantly towards their aspirations. I used to criticize them for their naive considerations of this “just do it” attitude. They don’t always think about the consequences of their actions– don’t get me wrong, it doesn’t always work out in their interest but relatively speaking, they are not paralyzed by the “what if it fails” consequential traits that we carry.

It’s admirable actually. Their fearless hearts thrive on challenge (not speaking from a parent point-of-view) but from an entrepreneurs point-of-view.

Let’s look at some of their attributes.

Differences Between Generation X and Millennials

Remember, I’m not analyzing them from the viewpoint of a parent (yep, I’m a mom of a few millennial and that is another topic). I want you to consider the traits they have that set them apart from us as an entrepreneur thinker. They often…

  • think and act like a boss/ we think and act like a worker.
  • are comfortable in front of a camera/ we self criticize our appearance or the way we sound.
  • know everything is possible online (risk of success)/ we know scams happen online (risk of failure)
  • have followers around the world on social media/ our friends follow us on social media

Do you see the pattern? Let’s explore this a little further. They think like a boss. That is probably why their bosses don’t get them. They go to work late (just a few minutes) but they think it’s acceptable because it wasn’t their fault. Traffic was bad! Or, the drive-thru line was slow! Or they had something else already planned!

A Closer Look at Why Millenials Do it Better

They are comfortable in front of a camera. Most of them already have a YouTube channel recording themselves doing nothing at all, but they still get subscribers. These days, they rarely talk on their cells.  A millenials conversation is usually on facetime or some other video chat; just so they can watch each other play the video game [even if they are playing with each other already].

They know everything is possible online. As a matter of fact, they search Google less and less, they use voice recognition apps like Google Voice, Siri and Alexa. Technology has been woven into their lives at the very basic levels. The use of the internet is second nature for them.

The world follows them on social media. Literally! Translation apps are integrated into conversations automatically so communication barriers are nonexistent. They don’t know a world when barriers were up or why these barriers existed so, they really don’t have many reservations on sharing their lives on any of the media outlets.

Work From Home Opportunities and Why Millennials Do It Better

I’m going to list some different opportunities to making money from home, but keep in mind why millennials might try the things on this list without reservations. Try to identify what stops you from trying. I call it “Action Paralysis”. It’s usually fear driven but like I said earlier, it was instilled in our generation.

This list is not in any particular order but is meant to serve you as a brainstorming starting point.

Ways to Start Making Money Today

  1. Do you have a craft or hobby? Sell it on Etsy, this is an ecommerce website where you can buy or sell your crafts. Etsy aims to focus on original handcrafted ideas and offers multiple categories.
  2. Do your spring cleaning and sell your gently used items on eBay. This is another ecommerce platform believe it or not, people are still earning a healthy income on there (including myself) by selling new or used items. Sometimes I but clothing for myself but by the time I pull it out of the closet–it just doesn’t suit me the same. Instead of giving it away, I’ll just post it on eBay. It works!
  3. Speaking of “It Works”, this is a company that was founded in 2001. It is a wellness company that takes pride in their nutritional supplements that promote detoxification and body restoration products. It’s a direct sales company that puts the tools for success in your hands when you join their team, making you, your own business owner in the health and wellness industry.
  4. Do you like talking on the phone? Become a Mystery Caller. This is a great way for companies to secretly audit different departments to ensure quality service, and collect data. You may be required to write and submit a report afterwards. They usually pay-per-call and this can turn into a regular income stream.
  5. Do you have a knack for writing? Ghostwriters are always in demand. They’re easy to search on career websites; such as Indeed or Glassdoor, but keep in mind that your work will not belong to you, meaning you will not get credit as an author and your name will not appear anywhere on the document.

Do You Need More?

I know I only listed five ways to make money from home, but this article was intended to propel your thoughts towards the different opportunities to make money, other than the typical eight-hour work day. Which generation are you from? Explore the different characteristics I’ve described and see if you fit into one of those categories.

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